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Midlife Crisis Cards Appears on Stacking Slabs Podcast

There are good podcasts in the world of sports cards and then there are great podcasts. Stacking Slabs is a great one.

I received an Instagram DM about a month ago after Brett (Stacking Slabs) read one of my pieces about the sports card industry. We chatted via Zoom and then he invited me to appear on his podcast.

With no hesitation, I said, "yes."

Today, the episode with Midlife Crisis Cards and Stacking Slabs went live and it's a great one, IMHO. You can listen to it on Apple, Spotify, or most major podcast platforms.

We touch upon the history of Midlife Crisis Cards and areas of opportunity to improve the sports card ecosystem. We touch upon card breaks, collection management software, and grading cards. We spend about 10-15 minutes deep in each of these areas. The one area we did not touch upon which I realized post-conversation was around Group Submissions for Grading Cards.  More on that in a future episode.

Kudos to Brett @ Stacking Slabs for putting tireless effort into making an incredible podcast. He is what #thehobby is all about and frankly, should be about. There's passion, love, and curiosity in all of his questions and topics.

Keep rocking Stacking Slabs... thank you for having me!


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