Updated MLB baseball section! More to come too.

MLCC Community Podcast - Discussing Grading, Base Cards, Where to Sell and More

We had a phenomenal chat last night with about 30 members of the Midlife Crisis Cards community.  We come together once per month via live video (Zoom) to discuss all things sports cards and #thehobby.

The topics covered last night were:

1/. In five years, will base cards have value?

2/ When should you use PSA vs. BGS for grading?

3/. Will PSA remain the top grading company in 5-10 years? Is it important to diversify your collection with various grading companies?

4/. What is the best method of listing cards to sell?

5/. What roles do “technology” startups have in the card market?

6/. What are best practices in buying/selling high-value cards? 

If you are interested in listening to the audio of our conversation, you can click here and listen.  I hope you enjoy the simple podcast - it's roughly 90 minutes long.

To attend future MLCC Community Chats, you can sign up by clicking this link.


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