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New Midlife Crisis Cards Podcast About Selling Sports Cards

Earlier this morning, we launched the latest Midlife Crisis Cards Podcast with special guest, John aka @basketballcardguy

For those unfamiliar with @basketballcardguy, he runs Basketballcardguy.com and is a familiar face on Instagram and at local card shows around Connecticut. He also runs @5dollarcards and @tendollarcards on Instagram as well. John welcomed me back to #thehobby with open arms and I was so excited to interview him as our first guest.

The podcast episode touches upon why he does not sell on eBay, selling on Instagram and his own e-commerce store (Shopify), and tips/tricks for selling and attending local card shows.

I hope you enjoy the episode and I had a great time interviewing John.

You can give the podcast a listen on most major podcasting platforms such as Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts and here.

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