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Your Orders Are Now Insured With Route

Since we launched in the Fall of 2020, we wanted to offer our customers an option of having shipping insurance for the cards they have purchased. We partnered with Route and found their modern approach to be well received.

Today, we have announced that all orders will be insured by Route and MLCC will cover the cost of insurance. Route insurance is no longer an option for US based orders, it is automatically added.

Why is Midlife Crisis Cards doing this?

  • The sports card hobby is at an all time high and the card values have appreciated. Our average order here at MLCC is $200+ and we want to make sure you receive the cards you have purchased without issue.
  • Route has been a terrific partner since our launch and they offer insurance not only to make sure the package gets to you, but offers protection against porch pirates.
  • You now have greater tracking capabilities than what we/Shopify can offer. Take a peek at the Route app and/or click the links in the email you receive once you place your order.

We are excited to offer this package protection insurance to all of our customers.

Thank you for your continued support.

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