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Here are frequently asked questions about Midlife Crisis Cards.  I update this page frequently as questions get asked.

1.  Does Midlife Crisis Cards have retail stores?

We only sell online and infrequently at local sports card shows. I am planning to be at The National in Chicago in 2021.

2.  Where do your sports cards come from?

All cards on MidlifeCrisisCards.com come from my personal collection. They are all handpicked and purchased by Midlife Crisis Cards. The majority of the cards have been purchased individually.

The cards all come from major manufacturers such as Panini, Topps, Upper Deck, Leaf, and Netpro. About 97% of the collection are from Panini, Topps, and Upper Deck.

3. It looks like you added individual cards to the site?

Yes, that's correct.  We added individual cards to the site mid-November 2020.  We sell both individual cards and The Cardboard Box.

4. What is in The Cardboard Box?

The Cardboard Box is a handpicked and personalized product. You choose either a basketball, football, baseball or mystery box (combo of all three).  You also choose who the primary player is such as Lebron James, Fernando Tatis Jr, or Lamar Jackson amongst many other options. Based on the price of the box you select (Silver, Gold, Platinum), we include enough cards to make up the value of that price.  For instance, if you choose the Silver box for $100, we will make sure that the week we ship the box to you, the cards in the box are $100 or greater in market value.

The Cardboard Box is a perfect holiday gift for any card collector: someone starting out all the way through an expert collector.

Keep in mind that we pack individual cards in the box. From time to time, we may include card packs but those are not considered part of the "value" of the box and are considered added value.

Every box has a minimum of one card. If the box value is $100, we may choose to include a single $100 card or multiple cards where at least $20-30 of your primary player cards and the rest made up of other players within the sport you choose.

5. Can I choose what goes into The Cardboard Box?

You have the ability to select the Primary Player.  The Primary Player will comprise of 20-30% of the value of the box. The rest of the box will be curated and handpicked by Midlife Crisis Cards. The experience of receiving The Cardboard Box is made up of the element of surprise.

6. Can I return cards that came in The Cardboard Box for other cards?

No, we do not accept returns and all sales are final. The reason for this is because cards can get damaged in travel and are easy to alter - when they leave Midlife Crisis Cards, I know they are in good condition. I do not want to risk the collection by taking returned cards.

7. I received The Cardboard Box as a gift, can I return it?

If the seal/sticker on the box is not broken and the box has never been opened, you can return the box within 10 days of receiving it. Since the cards in the box have market value, we need to keep it to the 10 day window.

8. Is it possible that The Cardboard Box may be worth more than the value that I paid for it?

Absolutely! It is not guaranteed that the value will absolutely rise but sports cards go up and down with market value. The cards in the box come from our collection at Midlife Crisis Cards and we've seen appreciation of card value from them. We hope you do too!

9.  I only received one card in The Cardboard Box, why?

You may have only received one card because that single card comprises the entirety of the value of the box.  For example, if you purchased the Basketball Gold box for $250, you may receive your primary player that you selected in a $250+ market value card.

10.  I received a 10 cards in my box, is that a mistake?

No, the entirety of those 10 cards market value comprise the purchase price of the box on the week that we shipped the box.

11. How do you assess market value of a card?

We use multiple sources and triangulate market value price. This is what we do for our entire collection. Sources include but not limited to eBay sold auctions, CardLadder, Market Movers, SellthePeak, and 130point.

12. What is in The Cardboard Box?

The Cardboard Box is literally a cardboard box which contains sports cards that sit on top of crinkle packaging paper (to keep cards safe).  The cards will most likely be in a plastic sports card bag to keep them together.  Additionally, there will be an envelope in the box which is the Midlife Crisis Cards assessment for the value of the cards.

13. I hear there is a special card included in the first 50 boxes?

Yes, The Cardboard Box "Launch Edition" card is included in the first 50 boxes that go out. It's signed and numbered by Midlife Crisis Cards and will probably never go up in value. With that said, it's a special card to us and hopefully you enjoy it.

14.  Can I gift The Cardboard Box?

Yes, absolutely.  We think The Cardboard Box is a perfect holiday gift for any type of sports card collector or someone who has everything. You can have The Cardboard Box gift wrapped so when you receive it, it is ready to be gifted.

15.  Can I order more than one Cardboard Box?

Yes, we encourage that.

16. Why don't I see the player I'm looking for listed for The Cardboard Box?

We probably did have the player but it must have sold out. Please contact us via the website to request a certain player. Since this is coming out of my collection of cards, I purposely do not have every player so we may not be able to satisfy all requests.

17. Why don't I see Lebron James or Michael Jordan?

We absolutely had Lebron James and Michael Jordan as part of The Cardboard Box series. They are most likely sold out. We will refresh the site often with players so make sure to check back often.  Please also contact us if you want to reserve a player for a future box.

18. My husband is a real collector of cards, will he appreciate this box?

We hope so! We think the surprise factor of the box is novel and the cards come from a true collectors collection... so that should satisfy even the discerning collectors taste.

19. Will I receive any fraudulent or fake cards?

We truly hope not! If that is the case, it means that we were defrauded when we purchased the card. Please let us know ASAP and we will remedy the situation. We keep track of every card in every box so we should know what you had received.

20. How long does it take to receive my box?

It takes roughly 2-4 business days to process a box.  We will let you know when the box ships and then it's up to the shipping service + method you selected during checkout.

21. Are the boxes insured when mailed?

Yes, we insure all boxes that we ship with Route, as these are valuable cards.

22. Can I list my cards for sale when I receive them?

You absolutely can. There are a range of places you can list your cards including but not limited to eBay, Starstock, Comc, Facebook Groups, Craigslist, Mercari, and Blowout Forums.

23. Why are there two types of cards in my box? One looks like a big hard plastic card that says PSA at the top.

Simply put, there are two types of cards: raw and graded. A raw card is what comes out of a pack of cards. Some people send those raw cards to be "graded" by one of three companies: PSA, BGS (Beckett) and SGC. There are some newer grading companies like Hybrid Grading and CSG.  At Midlife Crisis Cards, we have a mixture of raw and graded cards. You may receive a graded card, a raw card, or a mixture of both in your box.

24. Can I request only raw or graded cards?

No, not at this time.

25. Will players sell out?

Yes, I do not have infinite cards of all players and I expect certain players to sell out.



26. Is $500 the highest value box? Can I custom order a higher value box?

Yes, please contact us directly.

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