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Market Value Repacks

In November 2020, we debuted Market Value Repacks on Loupe, the live-streaming sports card breaking app. Since then, we've sold over 50 Market Value Repacks to sports card collectors across the world.

Market Value Repacks are very simple: a hand curated collection of cards that roughly equal the value of the price paid for the pack. If you spend $20 on the Market Value Repack, then you should receive roughly $20 in card value per pack.

You can view the Market Value Repacks here.

The repacks are based on sport (baseball, football, basketball) and we even have a fun mixed sport pack.

Q.  How many cards come in each pack?
A.  Could be one or many. Depends on the inventory of cards we have, the market value, and the cost of the pack.

Q.  Are these raw or slabbed (graded) cards?
A.  Most packs contain raw cards. For higher end packs, we may include slabbed cards (graded) but not guaranteed.

Q.  What types of cards come in each pack?
A.  We do not limited the types of cards that come in each pack: could be ultra-modern, modern, vintage, etc.  The types of cards come from the major manufacturers including Panini, Topps, Upper Deck, and Leaf and their respective sub brands.

Q.  Are these the same types of packs you sell on Loupe?
A.  Yes. We go on Loupe roughly 1x per month and sell these live mixed with some fun and free trivia.

Q.  Can I request certain players?
A.  No, not for Market Value Repacks. With that said, you should check out The Cardboard Box product which allows you to choose the primary player in the box.

The pictures below are from our previous Loupe live stream sales where we sold out of our Market Value Repacks. Note, repacks come in a variety of colors based on the type of packaging materials we have available to us at the time we assemble them.

You can view the Market Value Repacks here.

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