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Kids Basketball Box
Kids Basketball Box
Kids Basketball Box
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Kids Basketball Box

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This Cardboard Box for Kids is curated and handpicked basketball cards for children who are starting their journey in card collecting.

The Cardboard Box for Kids includes:

  • 2 curated packs of 10 cards (20 cards total)
  • 20 plastic penny sleeves
  • 5 plastic top loaders

This is a perfect way to get started with card collecting. The penny sleeves and plastic top loaders will help children take care of their cards and they will learn how to put the cards into the sleeves.

Players included in the box are all recent "big names" that children have heard before. Cards are in great condition and have been pulled from base and insert sets in our collection.  This starter box should make any child smile.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best thing EVER

WOW, I love getting a box of cards every month. I love how ever box is hand crafted and are players you can recognize! LOVE IT

Excellent purchse!

We weren't sure what to expect with our Kids Basketball Box, but boy were we impressed. My 12 year old loved every card he got - star players across the board. The instructions in the box also encourage making sure you take care of your cards and come with protective covers. Overall, great experience that was above and beyond my expectations.

So Much Fun! Highly Recommend!

My son was sent one of these as a gift. He’s just starting to get into card collecting and had a lot of fun looking up the different players, checking out the various brands of cards, and deciding which deserved top loaders vs penny loaders.

MidLife certainly does a great job providing a wide selection across teams and card brands/lines. I’d highly recommend this as a gift for any younger collector or fan!

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